The Decline of Journalism in America

news2American journalism has changed greatly in this past century and perhaps not changing for the better. John Nichols and Robert McChesney, authors of The Death and Life of American Journalism, foresee newspaper businesses diminishing in the near future. News is now largely reported online and on television, and these two question democracy and free press in America with digital media. They believe digital media will not save
journalism. McChesney says that television news networks do not offer original journalism. These networks take what already exists and just question it. As well as, thousands of news reporter layoffs take place every month. Without individual journalists, government and other large corporations will take control of the news. As the amount of reporters decline, so do the originality of sources and news stories. Alisa Miller, CEO of Public Radio International, delves into these problems of the news on a TED Talk. News in America focuses on events or celebrities in America, or events outside of the country that have a direct effect on America. As well as, what is reported on has to be affordable. Reporting on a celebrity in America is much cheaper than reporting on an event in another country due to limited network news bureaus. McChesney’s and Nichols’ solution to saving journalism and the news is having a major government subsidy that will support a certain organization or press of the people’s choice. American journalism is “dying” because of the loss of independent journalists/reporters, the popularity of digital media, and the limitations on the news.


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