Welcome to my blog! My name is Kate, or Katharine, Keet, or Ki…

One of my passions is creative writing, and exploring journalism is the next step in my writing career, which is why I have created this blog. Writing allows me to put my imagination down on paper and bring it to life. And it’s another way to express yourself without public speaking..

My other passions include reading, hiking, listening to music, and Avatar the Last Airbender, which is an awesome show and strangely, my inspiration. I wish to someday create an interesting story so widely known like that one which captured my attention when I was younger.

I am currently a student. School is important to me, and I set high goals for myself academically. I am a trustworthy, kind, and dedicated student, person, and friend. I work part-time at a local library and also participate in two clubs: Acts of Kindness and Youth in Philanthropy.


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